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Conviction of Sin

September 4, 2009

Many persons are prejudiced against all religious experience, in which high affections of joy follow great distress and terror. But such prejudices derive no encouragement either from reason or from Scripture. Surely it cannot be unreasonable, that before God delivers us from a state of sin, and liability to everlasting woe, he should give us some considerable sense of the evil from which he delivers us, in order that we may know and feel the importance of salvation, and be enabled to appreciate the value of what God is pleased to do for us. As those who are saved are successively in two extremely different states — first in a state of condemnation, and then in a state of justification and blessedness — and as God, in the salvation of men, deals with them as rational and intelligent creatures— it appears agreeable to his wisdom that those who are saved should be made sensible of their being in those two different states. In the first place, that they should be made sensible of their state of condemnation ; and afterward, of their state of deliverance and happiness: that they should be made to feel their absolute need of a Savior, and then be convinced of the sufficiency of Christ, and the perfect readiness with which God is always disposed to exercise mercy through him.

Jonathan Edwards, Treatise on Religious Affections

Humility – Jonathan Edwards

August 29, 2009

…however sensible we may be of our meanness as compared with some of our fellow creatures, we are not truly humble unless we have a sense of our nothingness as compared with God. Some have a low thought of themselves as compared with other men: from the meanness of their circumstances, or from a melancholy and desponding temperament which is natural to them, or from some other cause, while still they know nothing of the infinite distance there is between them and God…

…Humility is a most essential and distinguishing trait in all true piety. It is the attendant of every grace, and in a peculiar manner tends to the purity of Christian feeling. It is the ornament of the spirit, the source of some of the sweetest exercises of Christian experience, the most acceptable sacrifice we can offer to God, the subject of the richest of his promises, [and] the spirit with which he will dwell on earth, and which he will crown with glory in heaven hereafter. Earnestly seek, then, and diligently and prayerfully cherish, an humble spirit, and God shall walk with you here below, and when a few more days shall have passed, he will receive you to the honors bestowed on his people at Christ’s right hand.

Jonathan Edwards, The Spirit Of Charity Is An Humble Spirit

Conversion of Jonathan Edwards

August 4, 2009

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