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Pride means death is better than humiliation

September 19, 2009

The Arab armies suffered a humiliating defeat at the hand of Israel in 1967. After the start of the 1973 war against Israel, one Arab journalist was quoted as remarking: ” It doesn’t matter if the Israelis eventually counterattack and drive us back. What matters is that the world now no longer will laugh at us.

The World Will No Longer Laugh,” Time (22 October 1973) from James Dobson

Muhammad consigns all Muslims to hell

September 19, 2009

If anyone has got an atom of pride in his heart, he will not enter paradise.

(al- bukhari)

NB This is a sound (Sahih) Hadith accepted by all Sunni Muslims as authoritative. This means all muslims (and if Allah were the true God, all people) are damned and excluded from paradise since no one who knows their own heart can say, ‘there is not an atom of pride in my heart.’

But, dear Muslim reader, you can be rescued from hellfire the same way as everyone else: not by our miserable ‘good’ works, but by repentance from sin and faith in God’s Son, the Lord Jesus Christ who died for sinners.

The Law is Powerless to Change us

September 4, 2009

Benjamin Franklin made 13 virtues for himself, including: Silence (‘speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid trifling conversation’), frugality, industry (‘lose not time; be always employed in something useful’) and tranquility (‘be not disturbed at trifles or at accidents common or unavoidable’).

He set up a book with a page for each virtue, lining a column in which to record “defects.” Choosing a different virtue to work on each week, he daily noted every mistake, starting over every 13 weeks in order to cycle through the list four times a year.

For many decades Franklin carried his little book with him, striving for a clean thirteen-week cycle. As he made progress, he found himself struggling with yet another defect. “There is perhaps no one of natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Disguise it. Struggle with it. Stifle it. Mortify it as much as one pleases. It is still alive, and will every now and then peep out and show itself….even if I could conceive that I had completely overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.

Phillip Yancey, What’s So Amazing About Grace, Zondervan, 1997, p. 35

…These have indeed an appearance of wisdom in promoting self-made religion and asceticism and severity to the body, but they are of no value in stopping the indulgence of the flesh. Col.2.23

Intellectual Pride

September 3, 2009

I am quite indifferent to the mass of human creatures; though I wish, as a purely intellectual problem, to discover some way in which they might all be happy. I wouldn’t sacrifice myself to them though their unhappiness, at moments, about once in three months, gives me a feeling of discomfort, and an intellectual desire to find a way out….I live mostly for myself–everything has for me, a reference to my own education. I care for very few people, and have several enemies–two or three at least whose pain is delightful to me. I often wish to give pain, and when I do, I find it pleasant for a moment. I feel myself superior to most people, and only pity myself at rare intervals, when I am tired out. I used to pity myself at all times and deeply. I believe in happiness and I am happy. I enjoy work immensely. I wish for fame among the expert few, but my chief desire–the desire by which I regulate my life–is a purely self-centered desire for intellectual satisfaction about things that puzzle me.

Bertrand Russell, Ray Monk, vol.1., p.120

‘Knowledge puffs up but love builds up’ (1 Cor.8.1)

Humanism – Man’s Pride

August 28, 2009

…we cling to old myths that allow us to go on living with fear and hate – above all, hate of ourselves, miserable sinners. This is folly. Man now needs for his salvation only
one thing: to open his heart to joy, and leave fear to gibber through the glimmering darkness of a forgotten past. He must lift up his eyes and say: “No, I am not a miserable sinner; I am a being who, by a long and arduous road, have discovered how to make intelligence master natural obstacles, how to live in freedom and joy, at peace with myself and therefore with all mankind.

Bertrand Russell, in Ray Monk, vol.2, p.324

Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.

Russell–Einstein Manifesto, issued in London on July 9, 1955 by Bertrand Russell, in Ray Monk, ibid., p.373

The Gospel is the Cure for despair and pride

August 25, 2009

Some, who regard nature as incorrupt, while others as incurable, have not been able to avoid either pride on the one hand or sloth on the other (which are the two sources of all vice), since the only alternative they have is to give up through cowardice or escape through pride. If they realized the excellence of man, they would be ignorant of his corruption, with the result that they would certainly have avoided sloth, but then lapsed into pride. On the other hand, if they recognized that they managed to avoid pride, they would only fall headlong into despair.

Only the Christian faith has been able to cure these two vices, not by using one to get rid of the other according to the practice of worldly wisdom, but by driving both out according to the simplicity of the gospel.


A Mark of the Unconverted – love of the praise of men

November 10, 2008

A Mark of the Unconverted

Unmortified pride. When men love the praise of men more than the praise of God, and set their hearts upon men’s esteem, applause, and approbation-it is most certain that they are yet in their sins, and strangers to true conversion (John 12:43; Gal 1:10). When men do not see, nor complain, nor groan under the pride of their own hearts-it is a sign they are stark dead in sin! Oh how secretly does this pride live and reign in many hearts, and they know it not-but are total strangers to themselves (John 9:40).

Alarm to the Unconverted
Joseph Alleine, 1671